What are the differences between Co-active coaching, Counselling and other related disciplines.

What are the differences between Co-active coaching, Counselling and other related disciplines.

There is indeed a complex overlap between coaching, counselling, ministering etc. They all use many transferable skills and each could benefit from cross-fertilisation. However, it is also very important to establish a clear delineation between them. So I will attempt to contribute my perspective. This is something that is particularly relevant to me. As someone who operates as a priest (in what people call the hindu tradition) and as the CEO of a charity http://gratitude.charity that practices ‘faith action’. It is a nexus that demands attention. So these are some of my deliberations. As a Coactive coach, I work with people to build an agenda based on a correlation with their established values. To do this I suspend judgement. I attempt the liberal ideal of no value judgement. If I come across someone whose values I can’t work with. I recommend they work with someone else.

As a minister/priest/CEO I have a stated set of values and mores that our faith communities are challenged to adhere to. I encourage through my words and actions the communities to live by them. There is an outside agenda which we try to follow. Anyone following this teachimg path benefits from the coaching skills of listening and drawing out of people ‘their’ path. But it is a spiritual path whereas Coaching may or may not be. If during coaching a client indicates a need for pursuing a spiritual path. I consider it a matter of professional integrity to point that person to an appropriate minister/priest/iman/guru. Rather than exploring that area with them.

What about Counselling? Counselling is for people who are stuck/sick/traumatised. If someone presents like this. I will politely suggest they may benefit from getting a psychological assessment and addressing that. They can carry on working with me in a Coaching relationship. Indeed, I have coached people who are undergoing psychological care. But I do not step into a fellow professionals area of speciality. Some may develop a hybrid of coaching and counselling. This is not a hybrid, it is bad coaching. These are a few of my thoughts on an area that would benefit from a PhD thesis. But methinks that is enough for now.

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